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                                       Managing Carton Profiles

                              Download Sample Manifest

                                    Populating Your Manifest

                                  Large Order Processing

                                 Small Order Processing

                                         Print Perfect Labels

                                    Print Your Pick Up Waybill

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Cool Cartons offer a national service?

    Yes we do, our network covers over 85% of the Australian population. If you're curious about whether we can service an area give us a call.

  • What type of freight does Cool Cartons carry?

    We transport both dry and refrigerated freight including fresh produce, pre prepared meals, small goods, packaged soft drink, milk etc. Please contact us for further information.

  • Do I need to send in paperwork with my freight?

    Yes, however, unlike other providers we provide it all to you via our online platform. It's free and takes seconds to get started.

  • Can Cool Cartons be used for Proof Of Service?

    Yes, in fact we have many clients using Cool Cartons for Proof Of Service. Our portal can capture the arrival time (or start time) and multiple photos for proof of work done. For example, you can capture the time you started work, photos before and after the delivery of your work, and finally the delivery time and signature of your customer upon completion of work. All these will be reflected in the POD with which you can use for invoicing your customers.

  • Can I print shipping labels from the portal?

    Yes. You can easily print out the shipping labels you need for your parcels from your Cool Cartons dashboard. We have several options for the size of shipping labels you wish to have as well as the ability to select or skip the fields you do not need for the labels. Once the deliveries are added into Detrack, you will be able to export them out into generated shipping labels with just a few clicks.

  • Does Cool Cartons have driver tracking?

    Our platform uses the highly accurate GPS satellites to pinpoint the locations of your vehicles with a guaranteed accuracy of up to 50m. In actual use, the accuracy is usually better at around 10m ~ 20m. Your clients can also track this via their phone, tablet or PC.

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